You’ve done great work here... For a big school like this, being asked to build a food program was daunting. You’ve made it seamless.
Teacher - Oak Bay Secondary

What we do

We provide the following supportive services to help build nourishing food environments in schools:

Help Kids Flourish!

We want to offer meaningful support to all the schools in our region. But we can’t do it alone.

Home cooked

Fun, nourishing meals

Following mother nature’s guidance we create diverse, seasonal and youth friendly menus, and prepare and distribute hundreds of home cooked meals and snacks daily.
Thoughtfully sourced

Grocery items, delivered

Through partnership we help connect school communities with the foods they need to ensure students are nourished and ready to learn. We provide breakfast staples, snacks and other thoughtfully sourced grocery items.
Nourishing learning

Food literacy

We support school gardens and promote good practice in school food services. We believe there is magic in experientially connecting with seeds, gardens, kitchens, and composts.