Food literacy

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Food Literacy

In addition to providing food to schools, we support schools in building nourishing food environments. 

We aim to nourish learning and growth through fun, hands-on engagement with food. No matter where we are on our learning journey, we have something to teach and something to learn. Our approach is to foster curiosity, encourage engagement, and empower hands-on learning in school gardens, kitchens, dining areas and composts.

Garden Coordination

We currently provide garden coordination services to schools and school districts interested in creating flourishing school gardens. This includes: garden design, installation and maintenance support; facilitation of garden planning and teacher professional development; youth work experience programming; and delivery of hands-on classroom workshops with students K-12.

Currently we support:

  • A three part Elementary Garden workshop series
  • Ongoing garden coordination and workshop offerings in high school gardens
  • A summer garden youth work and volunteer program
  • Tailored school garden consultation and community development supports

Please contact us for more information. We'd love to connect and explore opportunities to nourish your school garden.

Supporting School Food Service

We aim to offer resources and supports to help school teams build nourishing food cultures and support food service following public health best practices.

We understand that each school is unique. Facilities, staffing capacity and time are common barriers. We help schools design school food programs that fit their unique constraints while nourishing and supporting students.

Food Literacy Resources

Visit our Food Literacy page for further information and a curated list of resources.