Fun, nourishing meals

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Fun, nourishing meals

Our menus are designed to walk that fine line between appealing to students and encouraging them to try new things. Student input and feedback are essential to our process. Building student trust and excitement for what’s on the menu is top priority.
We’re also passionate about eating in season. Eating what is available around us connects us to the seasonal cycles, reduces our ecological footprint, and ensures our food is as fresh and tasty as possible. We work with local farmers and fishers to bring the flavors of this place to school year-round.
Our food is served buffet style by caring school staff. This method of service allows students to choose the items they are interested in trying, and significantly reduces waste.


  1. Food is prepared at our central commercial kitchen by caring chefs following strict food safety and sanitation plans.
  2. Lunch is delivered hot daily, and snack breakfast items are delivered for the following morning.
  3. Food is served buffet style by caring adults who know each student. Students pick what’s on their plate and eat with their peers in a caring setting.

Student Choice

We continually seek input from school based staff and students on what foods are loved (or not). Certain menu items are more consistent, having been approved again and again by students, while others are special meals, sometimes served in association with a holiday or cultural event. We build trust over time by allowing students to choose what they want to eat, and then expose them to new cuisines in a caring, non-judgemental atmosphere. When served in this way we find that over time, students begin to eat more vegetables, and try new things.

Made with love

We take great care in preparing meals for schools. Check out our menus and learn more about our food.