Food for All

We believe that food should be available to all students without question. We're working hard to develop models to make food available at school as openly as possible, while working with a finite budget.

We all appreciate the food that we are now able to provide for the kids. To see them eating a big salad and a hot meal is wonderful, especially because we know that they might not have access to those healthy foods at home. Many are eating a nice breakfast when they get to school and we all know how difficult it can be to get a teenager to eat breakfast. These things make such a difference in their day!
Teacher - Westshore Secondary School


Our program is currently only available to ALL families in a limited number of schools. Check our school roster below to find out if you can sign-up for our sliding scale universal program.

Flourishing Schools

We are interested in connecting with school partners on southern Vancouver Island. If you would like one or more of our services at your school, please contact us.

Our Vision

We imagine schools where all students can access and enjoy nourishing foods together, everyday. We know that providing food for all students is the best way to ensure everyone can learn and grow.


Register Your Child

Our program is currently only available to all families in a limited number of schools. If your school is listed here, click its name (at left) to sign up your child. You will need the password provided by your school administrator.

During this first pilot year, we are asking parents to sign their child up for the entire school year, with the option to opt-out at any time and receive a pro-rated discount. By signing up, you guarantee that your child will receive a hot lunch, salad and occasional dessert at school every school day (175 days) from September 11 – June 27 (NO SERVICE THE FIRST WEEK OF SCHOOL).


A Flexible model

We are piloting a pay-what-you-can model for our program at Ruth King Elementary this year. The price per meal for us to prepare and distribute this food is $7 per meal. For the entire year, that works out to $1225 (175 days). There are 10 months of school, so we invite parents to pay-what-they-can each month.
Averaged-out monthly pricing
  0% $0  
  25% $30.63 $1.75/lunch
  50% $61.25 $3.50/lunch
  75% $91.88 $5.25/lunch
  100% $122.50 $7/lunch


Having trouble deciding what to pay? Here are some recommendations based on household income:

Household income
  $50,000 or less pay 0%
  $50,000 - $70,000 pay 25%
  $70,000 - $90,000 pay 50%
  $90,000 - $110,000 pay 75%
  Over $110,000 pay 100%