Summer Opportunities

Youth Programs

We are actively recruiting youth to work in school gardens and kitchens this summer. This is a great opportunity to explore career opportunities and earn volunteer hours this summer.
We all appreciate the food that we are now able to provide for the kids. To see them eating a big salad and a hot meal is wonderful, especially because we know that they might not have access to those healthy foods at home. Many are eating a nice breakfast when they get to school and we all know how difficult it can be to get a teenager to eat breakfast. These things make such a difference in their day!
Teacher - Westshore Secondary School

Food Services

We set the table for learning by preparing and distributing nourishing food to southern Vancouver Island schools.

Food Literacy

We support teachers, students and parents to confidently grow, harvest, prepare and share food.

Help Kids Flourish

Every day we prepare and distribute over 1,200 meals across 21 schools. It takes a village to support our youth.

Home cooked

Fun, nourishing meals

Following mother nature’s guidance we create diverse, seasonal and youth friendly menus, and prepare and distribute hundreds of home cooked meals and snacks daily.
Thoughtfully sourced

Grocery items, delivered

Through partnership we help connect school communities with the foods they need to ensure students are nourished and ready to learn. We provide breakfast staples, snacks and other thoughtfully sourced grocery items.
Nourishing learning

Food literacy

We support school gardens and promote good practice in school food services. We believe there is magic in experientially connecting with seeds, gardens, kitchens, and composts.